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Re: won't stay connected to isp

Well assuming your ISP actually supports 2400 baud connections to it's
dialup then you might have a little problem. Usually if you can't even
connect properly you do not possess a fast enough connection (I have a
2400 as well and I tried to connect to a service that supposedly was up
to 33.3 and it wouldn't accept my connection.

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Sheri wrote:

> I'm running Linux on a 486 laptop with a 2400
> baud modem, and I haven't been able to stay
> connected to any isp.
> When I used minicom to connect, I get a prompt
> for user name and password, then I get a message
> saying ppp is starting and then garbage on the
> screen for about a minute, then it disconnects.
> When I use pon, the log says something like sending
> LCD packet, receiving LCD packet, a few times, then 
> I'm disconnected.
> I know this isp uses PAP, and I've used pppconfig over and
> over to try and get this to work, but no luck. Any suggestions
> for changes to my scripts?
> Thanks,
> Sheri
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