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Re: won't stay connected to isp

Sheri wrote:
> I'm running Linux on a 486 laptop with a 2400
> baud modem, and I haven't been able to stay
> connected to any isp.
> When I used minicom to connect, I get a prompt
> for user name and password, then I get a message
> saying ppp is starting and then garbage on the
> screen for about a minute, then it disconnects.
> When I use pon, the log says something like sending
> LCD packet, receiving LCD packet, a few times, then
> I'm disconnected.
> I know this isp uses PAP, and I've used pppconfig over and
> over to try and get this to work, but no luck. Any suggestions
> for changes to my scripts?
How would we know without seeing your scripts?  (pppconfig/pon works OK
out of the box for most of us).  

Let's see the ppp.log, /etc/ppp/options, and pap-secrets (without your
username/password showing, of course!).

And what kind of modem do you have?  Unfortunately, some modems (like my
USR Sportster) need different connect strings to work right

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