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Re: it's safe to run a web hosting server with the unstable distributions ?

Typing away merrily, John Haggerty produced the immortal words:
> Then you could have the solution of say changing the name of the package
> to perhaps reflect that in fact you have perl4 or something and just
> install incremental upgrades for the packages that aren't prone to
> breakage. Eventually as people upgrade their stuff. You could slowly
> retire the old stuff while supporting the new.

Erm, as I understand what I wrote, that's part of what I said:
> If you have, eg, /bin/perl5.005_03 etc within the customer-facing root
> and maintain those properly, you can introduce new versions and allow
> the customers to manage the migration themselves; if you want to be able
> to retire older versions which are broken, make sure that the customer
> is aware of this fact and that they agree to a time-limit for phasing
> out older versions (contracts time again).

>From the Date: header in your mail, I see that it's still morning there.
Monday-morning.  This explains a lot.  :^)  Another coffee?

(Note that I also warned about libperl - we recently got caught by this,
 more than once.  The best solution seems to be static compilation of
 perl.  Forcing perl to be entirely static is apparently not as
 straight-forward as it should be; I don't know, though, as a couple of
 colleagues handled this)
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