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Re: it's safe to run a web hosting server with the unstable distributions ?

Then you could have the solution of say changing the name of the package
to perhaps reflect that in fact you have perl4 or something and just
install incremental upgrades for the packages that aren't prone to
breakage. Eventually as people upgrade their stuff. You could slowly
retire the old stuff while supporting the new.

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Phil Pennock wrote:

> Typing away merrily, John Haggerty produced the immortal words:
> > Is there a good example of something in debian breaking a general
> > script/program server side?
> Not that comes to mind.
> But what happens when, eg, perl is upgraded to 5.6?  The perl4 -> perl5
> transition broke enough stuff.  Will this new one break things?  If so,
> will Debian fork perl just to maintain backwards compatibility?
> The ISP where I work still has perl4 on its servers, for this very
> reason.  When a customer has something which works, they can be very
> reluctant to make modifications just to use a newer version.
> Predicting the future is tricky.  Being defensive in the way that you
> set things up can help you bypass some of the uncertainty.
> Defensive SysAdmin-ing as opposed to Defensive Programming.  :^)
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