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Re: How do I add a second IP range to a network?

Typing away merrily, elyograg produced the immortal words:
> I was thinking about this recently, and here's what I reasoned (but have 
> never put to the test).  Due to the way that reverse DNS works, what would 
> have to happen is whatever body gave you the address space would have to 
> actually create an entry in their server for each address - yes, 62 
> entries, that delegates DNS for those addresses to your DNS server.  Either 
> that or they just have to provide the reverse DNS for you.
> As for how to handle secondary DNS, I'm still scratching my head trying to 
> work that one out.

BCP 20.  Which is currently RFC 2317.  Titled "Classless IN-ADDR.ARPA

Follow that, and most things should work, with the caveats stated
therein about older BIND servers.
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