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Re: How do I add a second IP range to a network?

At 10:09 PM 4/7/00 -0600, elyograg wrote:
>have to happen is whatever body gave you the address space would have to 
>actually create an entry in their server for each address - yes, 62 
>entries, that delegates DNS for those addresses to your DNS server.  Either 

Actually, your upstream provider can delegate the reverse DNS authority to
you.  They create an entry for you in ARIN (or wherever) and any reverse
lookups will get funneled to your server.  This is how I had it set up with
my ISP.

>that or they just have to provide the reverse DNS for you.

Major pain right there.

I think the original poster wanted to know how to make his box listen to two
subnets on the same interface.  Can you restate your question?  And give us
a little more information on what you're trying to do.

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