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Re: Very huge email service

At 10:48 AM 11/25/99 +0100, Leander Berwers wrote:
>> >Speaking of mondo email systems, I was talking with a guy today who
>> >mentioned that their server would max out at 64K users.  It was a Linux
>> I believe that is the limit of the UID space.  I assume you can hack
>> something to increase it arbitrarily large.  But that would involve
>> increasing the address space, which is not as simple as changing a flag
>> somewhere and recompiling.  AKAIK, the address space is 16 bits which gives
>> you up to 65536 UID's (plus root).  The "default" UID space on Debian is
>> from 1000 to 29999.
>Or ... you use a mail system which do not require a user account on the
>system for each mail account! qmail and qpop are such mail systems and
>work well with a large number of mail boxes.

qmail is what these guys are running.... But I have a suspicion that they
must be hitting the barrier because of authenticating via passwd instead of
SQL and POP before SMTP.

Ciao-- Ken

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