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Re: How to limit it ?

> and CPU time. The rest is just fine tuning the other parameters - after all,
> the data and stack is what takes 90% of the space. Limiting the image size
> of the binary executable is pointless - you've got full control over what
> the user can or cannot execute - just deny him the right to execute anything
> from his/her home directory. 
but what happens when he/she run: /lib/ld-linux.so.2 $HOME/any_executable
? It works!

> Then YOU are the one who controls the image
> sizes of all the executables - it's enough to limit the data/stack size.
> > usage is unlimited. Also Pawel suggested sollution with /etc/profile and
> > ulimit. My ulimit-line in /etc/profile looks now like:
> Still, you're assuming the entire world uses bash, which (fortunately) isn't
> true. As a side note - tcsh takes half the memory bash consumes and has all
> the sprinkles bash does. :))
> > ulimit -d 2097148 -c 0 -n 64 -s 8192 -u 64 -l 4096 -m 4096 -v 8192
> > 
> > and it is good enough for me.
> And what about your user who wants to use ash, sash, csh, ksh, zsh, rc,
> pdmenu or whatever other shell s/he ...
They first use bash ... but i'm not sure if bash leavs environment ...


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