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Samba Browsing and Winnt 2000

Hello I am trying to resolv a problem I have with Samba and my windows NT 2000 Machine.
Senerio  I am trying to browse the unix server  and I get the following errors:
From Network Neighborhood: The Remote Procedure Call Failed and did not execute.
From Start Run \\Server  : The File Name, Directory Name, or Volume Label Syntax is incorrect.
Now I can map a drive, or start - run to \\server\share  and do normal operations.
I can also browse this server from a Windows 98 machine.
I see the following in the smb log file only when I try to Start Run \\Server
[1999/10/26 10:44:10, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(208)                   
  draven (216.161.xx.xx) couldn't find service *.
When I increased my log level I saw the following (plus a whole lot more)
[1999/10/26 10:51:26, 3] smbd/service.c:make_connection(521)                   
  draven (216.161.xx.xx) connect to service IPC$ as user administrator (uid=1020
, gid=50) (pid 1750)
My server is setup as User Level.
Any advice would be great

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