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Apache/Mysql/Postfix and hd question


I'm putting together a new box that will initially host about 100 websites.
 Box will be 450MHz PC clone with 512MB RAM and run Apache, PHP, Postfix,
MySQL, and PostgreSQL.  In the past I've been too cheap to think about SCSI
and redundancy, so just used 2 IDE drives and separated the database and
mail onto one drive and the www on the other.  Now I have a bit more cash
to work with and will use SCSI.  I'm considering 2-3 drives and using a
volue manager to run striped mirrors.  Am I out in left field here?  Would
this be overkill?  What receommendations on disks configs would you make
for medium traffic sites


P.S.; This box is not intended for a virtual hosting biz, but rather for a
web dev shop that wants to host their own clients only.  Emphasis is on
quality hosting and responsiveness rather than maximizing utilization.

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