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Re: Apache/Mysql/Postfix and hd question

>MySQL, and PostgreSQL.  In the past I've been too cheap to think about SCSI
>and redundancy, so just used 2 IDE drives and separated the database and
>mail onto one drive and the www on the other.  Now I have a bit more cash
>to work with and will use SCSI.  I'm considering 2-3 drives and using a
>volue manager to run striped mirrors.  Am I out in left field here?  Would
>this be overkill?  What receommendations on disks configs would you make
>for medium traffic sites

I expect that SCSI won't give the performance boost you expect.  I suggest
that you do a test of same size and brand IDE and SCSI drives to find out
which is best if you plan to install a number of machines.
As for "striped mirrors", this usually means RAID-0+1 AKA RAID-10.  RAID-10
requires a minimum of 4 hard drives (2 minimum for each striped set and then
double that for mirroring).

Chances are that a pair of good fast hard drives running RAID-1 mirroring
will provide all the performance you need...

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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