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Re: pppd not logging user into utmp/wtmp

Jeff Hill <jhill@hronline.com> writes:

> Listing users logged in was working with the 'who' and 'last'
> commands, but quit when I re-installed pppd/ppp-pam using the
> same configuration files I previously had. 

Like you, I enjoyed being able to use who and last to determine who
was using the ppp lines.

A long time ago, I suffered the same problem that you described.  I
searched the web and eventually found something which indicated that
ppp-pam was the problem.  I removed ppp-pam and the users were
correctly listed with who and last.

I've done a search now and found:

I guess the problem is still not fixed.

I hope this helps.

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; 
involve me and I'll understand - Chinese Proverb.

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