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Re: V.90 card for Linux?

Hello and good morning,

Sorry, I do not know what you mean with BRI.

But for me: I am using 4 USR Courier-I 56k (ISDN + V.90) 
with Debian 2.1, pppd and 2 ISDN lines with chanel splitter.

The Modems are ISA cards and working like a com port.
They are working quiet well and without any problems.

Webmistress Michelle
>From Strasbourg-France

At 01:10 24.10.1999 -0500, you wrote
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MK>I may soon have the need to provide 2-4 56k dialup lines for some
MK>customers to dial into my network to upload web pages and do some light
MK>web browsing, e-mail, etc. What seems to make the most sense to me would
MK>be to order two BRI lines, and do two V.90 lines per BRI (for a total of 4
MK>V.90 capable lines).  Does anyone know of any Linux-compatible hardware
MK>capable of doing V.90 over a BRI? 
MK>If not an ISA/PCI card, how about any low-end cheap RAS equipment?
MK>Perhaps a PortMaster 2e, but that seems a bit like overkill to me, if all
MK>I'm doing is four lines...
MK>Any other thoughts/suggestions?
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