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Re: Perl script into database method?

    There's alot of choices there.  Not sure exactly what is available under 2.0 but a Postgresql or MySQL (I've found MySQL to be faster - although it lacks transactions and some other things) database might work well as an SQL backend.  Use the perl DBI interface to glue the web to the database.  The DBI supports many different backends, so you've got alot of choices there, or maybe you could even query the database server the records are on.  DBI is real nice because its abstracted the database interface enough that usually only minor code changes are necessary to port to a new database server.
    There's also the mod_perl apache mod which you could use to speed up the process.  I'm pretty sure this is available under 2.0 as well.
    I suspect a good database server as a backend would outpreform a flat file, but I've never run any speed tests.  One other possible option would be to use DBM or GDBM or one of the other (I think theres 4 or 5) hash file interfaces that Perl supports.
    Hope some of that helps.


Pete Templin wrote:


        I'm trying to develop an online ordering system that will allow a
customer to select from the 110,000 parts offered by our primary vendor.
In doing so, my initial attempts (using a flat file) take twenty seconds
for a perl script to search through on an unloaded machine, tearing up CPU
as it goes.  Obviously, the next step is to migrate to an indexed database
for speed and efficiency (or maybe it isn't - I'm open to suggestions).

        I'm most comfortable scripting in Perl (which isn't to say that
I'm super comfortable, but...), so I'd like to be able to plug into the
database directly from Perl.  Assuming a Debian 2.0 system (I haven't
finished my testing and preparation for an upgrade to Debian 2.1), what
choices do I have, if any?


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