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Re: Perl script into database method?


> 	I'm trying to develop an online ordering system that will allow a
> customer to select from the 110,000 parts offered by our primary vendor.
> In doing so, my initial attempts (using a flat file) take twenty seconds
> for a perl script to search through on an unloaded machine, tearing up CPU
> as it goes.  Obviously, the next step is to migrate to an indexed database
> for speed and efficiency (or maybe it isn't - I'm open to suggestions).

> 	I'm most comfortable scripting in Perl (which isn't to say that
> I'm super comfortable, but...), so I'd like to be able to plug into the
> database directly from Perl. 

Look at DBI. Packages libdbi* and libdbd*.

> Pete
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> Peter J. Templin, Jr., CCNA
> Systems and Networks Administrator

Horacio J. Peña

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