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Re: server for mail and radius hard locking

I will look into this tomorrow and see if I can find anything strange..  could the onboard sound and usb causing a problem, I cannot find any way to kill the onboard sound.  The usb is disabled in the bios.  should I change that??
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From: David
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 1999 9:40 PM
Subject: Re: server for mail and radius hard locking

My experience has been that hard locks are usually due to hardware trouble.  It could be a kernel issue with the process, but I think those where resolved long ago.  Check out the memory and see if that fixes it.


Richard Bailey wrote:

I set up a new server to replace an existing one to do mail service and radius authentication for about 700+ users. The machine is running a k6-2 400 with 64m of ram, the motherboard is one that is all-in-one except the network card, SiS 530 chipset. The machine has hard locked several times on me. I started it with slink, and upgraded it to potato last night, suspecting a kernel issue with the processor. I am looking for ideas of what to check. Richard

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