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Re: icradius+mysql question

Hello Christian !

> Well I can't help you but probably you can me :-)

OK! I am glad to help You ( If I can .... of course ;-)

> I once tried to get some radius daemons with mysql running but failed.
> If you have a working solution which supports Ascend-MAX then I would
> like to get more information.

I use icradiusd-0.8 and mysql-3.22.26 with Cisco AS5200 and portslave-1.16 (
Linux ) ....
Sorry I don't know anything about Ascend-MAX ... but if it supports radius
protocol it will
work :-)
icradiusd is Cistron Radius Server pached to work with mySQL ...
I like this solution. It works fine for me .... but there is no complete
and I look in source to understand what I should write in mySQL database :(((

Go to URL:

and read .... I spent a couple of hours to make it works ... but after this I
met some
difficulty .... :((  I wrote about this in my previous letter:)

> Maybe you can send me the SQL table
> description, the config files and the program versions you used ?

There is description of tables in icradius-0.8.tar.gz ... read carefuly and
All that has written there is true ;-) .... I like it! :))

> (don't forget to erase the passwords :-))))

I use Auth-Type = System and don't worry - there aren't any passwords in SQL
database :)))....
but listen ...  look in docs and readme files and try ...
If somethig doesn't work for You I will be glad to help You !!!

OK?! :-0
I hope so :)))))))

Good luck!!!
Bye !

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