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Re: Software Raid 1 experience?

"Leander Berwers (Glasshouse)" wrote:
> Hello
> We are an (sort of) ISP in Belgium. I would like to know if there are
> people on this list who used or uses software Raid in the 2.2 kernel.
> Since I would like to use that, I need to know if it is already stable
> in a "production environment" or not.

We have used RAID in production environment on PC hardware for over a
year now. It has been rock stable. Our first installment was a 2.0.x
kernel. The most recent installment runs a 2.2.13pre15 kernel with
latest raid patches. We are using only Ultra Wide SCSI with Adaptec
2940UW as host adapters and are happy with that. But there have been
instability problems reported in the past with Adaptec cards and the
aic7xxx driver though. The Adaptec cards have been suspected to have
weak line drivers possibly making them more vunerable to cabling and
termination differences. The aic7xxx driver has been reported to lock
up in certain disk failure situations. I have not experienced this
myself. You might want to try controllers based on the NCR chipset.
They seem to be cheaper and not known to have line driver weaknesses.
Tekram is one example of such a host adapter manufacturer.
I warmly recommend you to subscribe to the linux-raid mailing list.
To: Majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu
in the body: subscribe linux-raid your@email.address

regards, tomas

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