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Re: Traffic statistics on debian slink 2.1 with 2.2.12 kernel

Ian Johannesen wrote:

>         Does anyone know how to make a graphical statics .. that is browsable
> either because it delivers output to /var/www (apache's dir) or over it's
> own webserver? ... i have three ethernet interfaces eth[0-2] that i would
> like to moniter, also from one specific host to the internet and etc, also
> i would like to monitor the total amount of traffic on our internet
> connection....

Take a look at ntop.  I think it can do what you want.  It has both a web
and command line interface.  I've only used it in LAN applications so far
but the information it provides is very detailed.


There is a .deb but it wouldn't work for me so I compiled the source.

Someone else mentioned mrtg, also great software!


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