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Re: IPv6 across suspend / resume -- who is responsible for flushing?


On Tue, 17 May 2011 13:05:30 -0400
Michael Richardson <mcr@sandelman.ca> wrote:

> I used to use ifplugd, but NetworkManager is supposed to do more, 
> particularily as it relates to WPA and crap like that.

Well, that's the point, it is /supposed/, not it /does/.

> But, I think you are pointing a finger at NetworkManager not cleaning
> out the IPv6 info properly, or possibly that I am not telling
> NetworkManager about the suspend properly.
> I essentially run only enough of GNOME-Panel to let network-manager
> work,  so it's possible I'm missing some element.

I don't know as I don't use it and don't know how to tune it, but I
think this is its job.

WBR, Andrew

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