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Re: IPv6 over ppp autoconfiguration not working in squeeze

Bernhard Schmidt a écrit :
> Adam Spragg <adam@spra.gg> wrote:
>>     net.ipv6.conf.all.accept_ra=2
> While this supposedly accepts RA and does autoconfiguration even when
> forwarding is enabled, I don't think it is in Squeeze 2.6.32 yet. The
> patch was on LKML somewhere end of 2010.

That was added in Linux 2.6.37.

> So, as the others have pointed out, you will have to configure your
> address and route manually in /etc/ppp/ipv6-up.d. You don't necessarily
> need a global IPv6 address on ppp0 anyway.

Yes, but IME it is better to assign one. It can even be the same as the
one assigned to the LAN interface. Otherwise the kernel selects a source
address from global adresses assigned to other local interfaces when it
needs to send a packet, and the selected address may not be the one you
want. Once I happened to add a 6to4 interface on my router for testing
purpose and then it picked the 6to4 address instead of the native IPv6
address assigned to the LAN interface.

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