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Re: current state of IPv6 support in Debian

>>>>> "JM" == Jeroen Massar <jeroen@unfix.org> writes:
>>>>> "IS" == Ivan Shmakov wrote:


 IS> * VoIP -- apparently, neither Ekiga nor Linphone support IPv6; any
 IS> suggestions? (CLI software is preferred, but will consider anything
 IS> capable of IPv6);

 JM> Twinkle works with IPv6. For Windows I recommend
 JM> http://www.phonerlite.de/

	Does it currently support RTP over IPv6 (or what is meant by
	transport in the fragment below)?

--cut: twinkle-1.4.2/NEWS --
22 jan 2007 - 1.0
- SIP parser supports IPv6 addresses in SIP URI's and Via headers
  (Note: Twinkle does not support transport over IPv6)
--cut: twinkle-1.4.2/NEWS --


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