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RE: IPv6 Tunneling Tools

Indra Kusuma wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> # BTW: I am just working on some net-tools enhancements, any 
> suggestions what
> # is needed? For now i managed to get
> # netstat -6r / route -6  output to match into a single line, and
> # netstat -64 output to print tcp/tcp6/udp/udp6/raw/raw6 
> labels to distinguish
> # the socket families.
> [root@Sniper:~]# 6tunnel list route
> Routing table of IPv6 :
> ::/96 via :: dev gateway6  metric 256  mtu 1480 advmss 1420
> 2001:470:1f00:404::/64 via :: dev versi6  proto kernel  
> metric 256  mtu 1480 advmss 1420
> 2001:470:1f00:404::/64 dev gateway6  proto kernel  metric 256 
>  mtu 1480 advmss 1420
> 2001:470:1f00:404::/64 dev versi6  metric 1024  mtu 1480 advmss 1420
> <deleted>
"6_tunnel_ list route" shows _all_ IPv6 routes?
Better to tell everyone they can use 'ip -6 ro sho' (ip -6 route show ;)
Which is why the iproute command was created, to create a uniform set of
As for ifconfig, if one is updating it, it would be best to do it in a
KAME-like style.

> # The next big step would be to add propper add/del support 
> for v4/v6 in
> # ifconfig and of course sit tunnel setup.
> [root@Sniper:~]# 6tunnel add device another6
Same thing here, but simply use /etc/network/interfaces, there is
absolutely no need.
One 'nice' option though could be a script/dialog thingy for the
interfaces file.
But the rest should be done the debian way:
 - modify /etc/network/interfaces
 - ifup/down <interface>

This also nicely keeps state in /etc/network/ifstate and keeps it the
same everywhere.
You also are forgetting to set the mtu to 1280 on the tunnel device
which saves some
odd behaviour with traceroutes.

One should also keep in mind that IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels are a
_transistion_ method and you
should not create to many tunnels everywhere around, unless you really
want to peer ofcourse
and do transit stuff, backup links etc. (and thus you are on
highbandwidth :)
If one has only a single uplink to an ISP, one shouldn't start running
dozen of tunnels of
that single uplink either. Get 1 tunnel, get a subnet routed over it and
use that.
Some situations can be excluded ofcourse like experimental stuff.


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