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Re: proftpd-1.2.5-ipv6 : no deb, but a patch. Need help.

Le Dimanche 21 Juillet 2002 07:39, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto a écrit :
> Amand TIHON wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >(Heavily) basing my work on an 1.2.2 patch, I've done a patch for
> > the upstream source[1] of proftpd-1.2.5 which seems to work.
> Nice to hear :)
> >I still need help for two things.
> >
> >First, I thought the reverse nslookup would work but it doesn't. Not
> >critical, but annoying. I'm quite new to IPv6, perhaps someone can
> > do that in a couple of minutes :)
> >This is inet_getname() in src/inet.c
> Was it working in 1.2.2+ipv6patch ???

The patch modified the declaration, but not the function itself... I'm 
pretty sure it even didn't compile as is, but I haven't looked at the 
1.2.2 code.

> >More important : I've tried to make a debian package, but I had to
> >modify the configure.in and the generated configure is very
> > different : the patches provided for the debian package refuse to
> > apply.
> If I understood correctly you made:
> original source + ipv6patch and then debian related stuff...
> try instead:
> original source + debian related stuff and then ipv6patch
> You might get some rejects during the patching phase and these are
> piece of code you might need to merge by hand again but then
> all the rediff wil be included only in the ipv6patch without modifing
> anything that come from debian.
> IMHO it's much easier in this way.

I'll try that but I need some sleep before :)

> >I've never packaged anything and proftpd seems a little too
> > complicated to begin with :)
> If you can't succeed we will give it a shot.
> "You are not alone" ;)
Thanks :)

Amand Tihon

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