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Re: proftpd-1.2.5-ipv6 : no deb, but a patch. Need help.

Amand TIHON wrote:

Hi all,

(Heavily) basing my work on an 1.2.2 patch, I've done a patch for the upstream source[1] of proftpd-1.2.5 which seems to work.

Nice to hear :)

I still need help for two things.

First, I thought the reverse nslookup would work but it doesn't. Not critical, but annoying. I'm quite new to IPv6, perhaps someone can do that in a couple of minutes :) This is inet_getname() in src/inet.c

Was it working in 1.2.2+ipv6patch ???

More important : I've tried to make a debian package, but I had to modify the configure.in and the generated configure is very different : the patches provided for the debian package refuse to apply.
If I understood correctly you made:

original source + ipv6patch and then debian related stuff...

try instead:

original source + debian related stuff and then ipv6patch

You might get some rejects during the patching phase and these are
piece of code you might need to merge by hand again but then
all the rediff wil be included only in the ipv6patch without modifing
anything that come from debian.
IMHO it's much easier in this way.

I've never packaged anything and proftpd seems a little too complicated to begin with :)

For those who want to help or just play, the patch is here : http://allergy.alrj.org/Code/proftpd-1.2.5-ipv6.1.diff.gz

If you can't succeed we will give it a shot.

"You are not alone" ;)


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