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Re: Nmap + IPv6 (plus some news)

Hasso Tepper wrote:

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
Hasso Tepper wrote:
I just uploaded nmap binaries with IPv6 patch applied to Fabio's
site. Only sid i386/sparc. They should be appear in site soon
after Fabio's scripts run. About usage see

I hope it didn't break anything in IPv4 :).

Ok it's added to archive. And I also built woody/i386.

There is one problem with it though. Nmap in woody is 2.54.31.BETA, in sid 2.54.33.BETA.

There are to ways for us:
1) keep woody packages verison_in_woody + IPv6 patch
2) build newest versions we get for woody also

Sooner or later we'll run into trouble anyway. In first case there might be newer IPv6 patches with fixed problems but for newer versions than in woody. In second case we'll end with rebuilding a lot of packages just because there are dependencies not in woody. I vote for 1. That means less problems (probably). That's why I didn't build nmap woody packages myself. (I discovered pbuilder as well ;-).


Yes you are perfectly right. We might endup in the dog that bite its tail.
Your point is good but I figured out another problem as well.

foobar_1.0-1+ipv6+rc1 in woody
foobar_1.2-1+ipv6+rc1 in sid

Do you think that the people building the IPv6 patches are going to produce bug fixes or new features for older versions??? We might endup in having a sid version working
and a woody half broken.

Anyway I agree with you. We can try to keep version_in_woddy+ipv6. can you check if there's an ipv6 patch for nmap in woody???? In case Im still in time to remove it.
Mirrors still have to sync the last update


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