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Re: Nmap + IPv6 (plus some news)

Hasso Tepper wrote:

I just uploaded nmap binaries with IPv6 patch applied to Fabio's site. Only sid i386/sparc. They should be appear in site soon after Fabio's scripts run. About usage see http://nmap6.freeservers.com

I hope it didn't break anything in IPv4 :).


Ok it's added to archive. And I also built woody/i386.

I have nearly finished the autobuild scripts that will be able to keep in sync all pkgs for the different archs. It can run both for sid and woody but first of all it needs to work perfectly for woody on which Im paying more attention.

all the building process will run in a chroot environment, so it will not put in danger your system ;) and it requires more or less 800MB, at the moment, for each version of Debian.

I will come up with more news as soon as I will fix the 2 small bugs I found in my building


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