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Re: Nmap + IPv6 (plus some news)

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> Do you think that the people building the IPv6 patches are going to
> produce bug fixes
> or new features for older versions??? We might endup in having a
> sid version working
> and a woody half broken.

Anyway it means less trouble :).

> Anyway I agree with you. We can try to keep version_in_woddy+ipv6.
> can you check
> if there's an ipv6 patch for nmap in woody???? In case Im still in
> time to remove it.

IPv6 patch for nmap is only for BETA 36 actually. There was some 
handwork needed. I'll try to build version in woody with same patch 
as well. But not today ;).


Hasso Tepper

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