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Re: apache 1.3.23 ipv6 binary

Amand TIHON wrote:

Le Jeudi 11 Juillet 2002 14:59, Dhidhel Dedel Duel a écrit :
TODO in IPv6 debian packet

- Qmail + ucspi-tcp <-- my server work but my packet is broken can't
make qmail directory - Samba, i just have patch for IPv6 not yet test
- Socks5
- Postfix, the patch is for old version
- Mysql or other sql server ????
- anything else,...

There are also some packages that already support IPv6 upstream, but in which IPv6 isn't enabled. I think of python2.2, for instance (I filed a wishlist bug against it).

When there's a really small amount of work to get an IPv6 package (like calling configure with --enable-ipv6), why not ask the maintainer to do it ?
That's the same problem I have with ssh. IPv6 in the upstream
and disabled in debian by a wishlist bug done by someone.

They will not accept it in a short term. Anyway if you are aware
of such pkgs just send us a report and we will include them in
our archive.


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