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Re: Call for 6Bone attached Debian mirrors

On 24 Aug 2001, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:

> I think a list of 6Bone attached Debian mirrors would be useful since
> apt, at least the one in unstable, seems to work fine over IPv6. Our
> lab has one group that have an IPv6 only network and they can easily
> install and upgrade packets even if they have no IPv4 addresses
> configured and no protocol translation is done.

Well, as soon as it will be attached again (which is somewhat dependent
on the moods of SurfNet and Sara) ftp6.surfnet.nl will be a mirror
of both Debian and RedHat available over IPv6. Actually, it will serve
the exact same selection as ftp.surfnet.nl does. Note: it has been
operational for a few months, but has been taken down for GigEther tests,
and those are pending fiber.

Doei, Arthur. (Who expects this to be back online before 2002, but not much
               sooner, unfortunately)

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