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Re: Debian mirrors in 6Bone

On 13 Aug 2001, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:

> I am one of the persons taking care of ftp.fi.debian.org which will
> later this year move to a new box. Besides the usual disk and memory
> enhancements the new box is also connected to 6Bone.


> The new box is available over 6Bone with name debian.ip6.atm.tut.fi
> Current services are ftp, http and rsync. The new box is updated by
> the current ftp.fi.debian.org via push mirroring.
> Comments, suggestions?

ftp.crc.ca is reachable over the 6Bone as well, and that is another Debian
mirror.  Unfortunately I have yet to find an IPv6 FTP daemon that works
reliably.  I'm using wu-ftpd largely because I rely heavily on
access-classes (to partition CA*Net3/6Bone access from Internet).  I'd
also like an rsync daemon on IPv6, but I've not seen anything on their web
site about it.


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