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Re: Debian mirrors in 6Bone

"William F. Maton" <wmaton@ryouko.dgim.crc.ca> writes:

> ftp.crc.ca is reachable over the 6Bone as well, and that is another Debian
> mirror.  Unfortunately I have yet to find an IPv6 FTP daemon that works
> reliably.  I'm using wu-ftpd largely because I rely heavily on
> access-classes (to partition CA*Net3/6Bone access from Internet).  I'd
> also like an rsync daemon on IPv6, but I've not seen anything on their web
> site about it.

We are using the OpenBSD ftpd which supports IPv6. It is has enough
features for our purposes and works directly over IPv6. However, I
think it does not have the functionality you need.

The rsync daemon we use is plain 2.4.6 patched with KAME rsync patch
rsync-246-v6-20000907.diff.gz [1]. It looks like there is a good
possibility to get IPv6 merged in, since just today a rsync developer
was asking if anyone wants it [2]. If no one objects, I can reply and
say that Debian IPv6 project has interest in this.

[1] ftp://ftp.kame.net/pub/kame/misc/
[2] http://lists.samba.org/pipermail/rsync/2001-August/004699.html

Heikki Vatiainen                  * hessu@cs.tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology  * Tampere, Finland

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