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Re: Debian Interix status / access

> Yes, the project is still alive.
> People like you are always welcome.
> You may refer to the experimental section:
> http://debian-interix.net/debian-interix/pool/experimental35/
> There some packages which need more work or testing can be found.
> For the install binary in particular, you can find it here:
> http://debian-interix.net/debian-interix/pool/experimental35/main/c/coreutils

 Excellent.  I was just noticing the experimental directory when I
 was digging around.

> >I see that there still isn't a debian mailing list, but do you think 
> >it makes sense to put something else together for people to 
> >collaborate?
> Not necessary anymore. Since today there is a list. Thank you for 
> seconding the request.

 I just subscribed. Very cool.

 I'm still in the process of trying to get a functioning build
 environment working.  I was able to get the devscripts package built,
 but without the shared library that normally accompanies it.  I fear
 that some of the problems that I'm running into are related to
 hotfixes.  I originally thought that the Microsoft Update took care
 of installing every available hotfix, but I think that might be
 incorrect after further reading.

 Is there an easy way to install all of the hotfixes available?

 I'll send a separate email about the main problem I was trying to
 solve with openssh.

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