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Re: Debian Interix status / access

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Paul Holcomb wrote:

Just curious if work was still ongoing with the Interix port.  I was
trying to fix a problem with the openssh-server package, and as a
result start messing with the devscripts and coreutils (install
missing from your tar.gz) packages as well.

Yes, the project is still alive.
People like you are always welcome.

You may refer to the experimental section:
There some packages which need more work or testing can be found.

For the install binary in particular, you can find it here:

I see that there still isn't a debian mailing list, but do you think it makes sense to put something else together for people to collaborate?

Not necessary anymore. Since today there is a list. Thank you for seconding the request.


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