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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-12

On 4/15/19 18:21, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On Apr 15, 2019, at 6:10 PM, Frank Scheiner <frank.scheiner@web.de> wrote:

Update for rx4640, see below:

Indeed the rx4640 behaves differently than the rx2620, despite the same
chipset and the older Itanium processors. The installation works through
identically to the rx2660 (with the earlier mentioned manual "help"). No
error messages like on the rx2620. I'm not sure why this is like that,

As an additional test I will try the resulting on-disk installation
performed on the rx4640 on the rx2620.

I think we should get the bootloader installation sorted out first so users don’t get stuck in the end once elilo gets installed.

I'll have a look, though I think the best way would be to not mount the
EFI system partition (ESP) at all. There's no need to mount the
partition all the time, if it only gets changed on elilo upgrades (sure,
     won't happen anymore) or kernel upgrades and is then mounted
automatically by elilo - at least that's my impression.

I need to check what happens on kernel updates.

UPDATE: On second thought, most likely GRUB needs this partition mounted
all the time, like the HFS bootstrap partition for powerpc/ppc64. Then
elilo-installer should handle that and (u)mount it as needed.

Is there any chance you could test-install GRUB on any of your machines so we can find out what modifications are necessary to get grub-installer work on ia64?

I'll try on the rx2660 and report back.

I assume we don’t need to change much as the environment behaves very similar to x86_64.

If we’re lucky, it’s just a matter of enabling the grub-installer package on ia64 and add “ia64” to the architecture matching for “amd64-efi”.

That would be cool. Let's hope for the best. :-D


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