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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-12

Update for rx4640, see below:

On 4/14/19 22:41, Frank Scheiner wrote:
I used the 2019-04-12 image ([1]) and tested a normal mode installation
on the following machines with mixed success:


## rx2620 (w/2x Itanium 2 9020 (Montecito) and enabled Hyper-Threading,
HP zx1 chipset) ##

No luck so far
## rx2660 (w/1x Itanium 2 9140M (Montvale) and enabled Hyper-Threading,
HP zx2 chipset) ##
I could perform a successful installation on this machine - with some
manual "help":
## rx2800 i2 (w/1x Itanium 9320 (Tukwila) and enabled Hyper-Threading,
Intel Boxboro chipset) ##

No luck so far.
## rx4640 (w/4 x Itanium 2 1.3 GHz (Madison), HP zx1 chipset) ##

I'll check the installer ISO on this machine tomorrow. Hopefully it
behaves differently than the rx2620.

Indeed the rx4640 behaves differently than the rx2620, despite the same
chipset and the older Itanium processors. The installation works through
identically to the rx2660 (with the earlier mentioned manual "help"). No
error messages like on the rx2620. I'm not sure why this is like that,

As an additional test I will try the resulting on-disk installation
performed on the rx4640 on the rx2620.


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