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Re: AMD/ATI HD series PCI

2012/5/1 Patrick Baggett <baggett.patrick@gmail.com>:
> Ah, I might have spoken too soon then. I'm still running unpatched, so I
> assumed this was the issue since on the Radeon 7000 it works fine. How do I
> switch it?

Maybe not! If it runs fine with Radeon 7000, it's thus probably a
different issue than the one I'm experiencing (IIRC, root cause is
broken JavaScript on IA-64).

Anyway, to switch between GnomeShell, Classic and other desktop
environment, there's a scrollbar at the left bottom part of the GDM
banner that let you choose the desktop environment for the forthcoming
session. Just select the one you like, enter your login and password
as usual and you should be fine.


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