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Re: AMD/ATI HD series PCI

> I used a HD 4650 with AGP, 1GB VRAM. It required a 6-pin l PCIe power
> connection, which clearly doesn't exist in a ZX6000, so I hacked together a
> separate 80W AC/DC adapter and tied the grounds to the built-in PSU. Not
> recommended for the faint of heart. Surprisingly, it works without burning
> out my entire system. :)


> The EFI BIOS would natively start up the graphics card, much to my surprise.
> Linux ran on it and recognized it as an r600 family card. Unfortunately, the
> kernel is a bit borked and the initramfs-tools package is as well, so
> booting using newer kernels is a bit of a task. X started, but due the
> unpatched kernel (see debian mailing list about ia64 "futex") it just showed
>  cursor and some garbled background. I could move the cursor, etc. but X had
> no programs running. Console mode works though.

Upstream futex patch is targeted to be included in Debian kernel
images 3.2.16-1.

I'm however surprised that the futex issue affects X as you described.
In my experience, X cursor only and garbled background were caused by
GNOME 3 defaulting to GnomeShell rather than Classic desktop.
Switching to Classic in the GDM banner fixed the problem for me.

> Both issues are fixed if you apply patches yourself, but I don't think
> they've been merged upstream and turned into packages in "testing" yet. For
> now though, it works well enough with the promise of GL 3.x support soon.
> Doom3 just got open sourced, right? ;)

Yes. But being ported to Linux IA-64 is another story...

In the meantime, have a look at good old Quake 3: ioQuake3-based
packages are available in Debian Testing contrib repository right now.
Quake 2 packages used to be available in the Sarge era. They still
might work with the proper installation of various compatibility


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