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Re: AMD/ATI HD series PCI

On 17-4-2012 21:17, Patrick Baggett wrote:
> I'm using an HP ZX6000 workstation right now. Anyone had any
> luck getting an AMD/ATI HD series (2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx) card
> working with DRI2?

Not me, I don't have any rx2600s (non-'workstation' zx6000
equivalent) anymore.  I did get non-accelerated output out of
a Radeon HD5450 in an rx2620 under several operating systems.
I also have a few AGP cards, including a FireGL X1-256 and a
Radeon HD4670, but the latter I haven't tested much (also be-
cause the mixed 'PCI-X and AGP' riser/card cage isn't --- or
not 'officially' --- supported in/by the rx2620, let alone
with the IA-32/x86 instructions lacking "Montecito" 9000
series processors).

I haven't bothered much with Linux as of late.  I should try
some more, soon, now that I have some time.

> If so, what machine? After updating Linux 2.6.x to Linux
> 3.2.x, my radeon 7000 series (on board) shows itself as having
> direct rendering, and this leaves me hopeful that DRM/DRI2 on
> ia64 is not just inherently broken.

Interesting, I didn't know that (about the Radeon 7000).

> I noticed that using an Nvidia 8400 GS caused the system to
> not POST -- it seems there might be some firmware issue, or
> perhaps just a simple power issue. I'm not sure. I'd like to
> get hardware accelerated GL 2.x with upgradability to 3.x when
> Mesa 8+ becomes available, basically.

That would be great, I'm all for that.  Before that, though, I'll
mostly continue to use OpenVMS and HP-UX (to a far lesser degree).

 - MG

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