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Re: DRM/DRI accelerated (3D) graphics?

On 18-8-2011 10:28, Alan Devine wrote:
Just to add to the below, I have seen all the same symptoms. Im currently trying out Gentoo IA64 but it has its own quirks, so havent got to 3d acceleration yet.

I wonder what will come out of it.

I know this is the Debian IA-64 usenet/newsgroup and mailinglist, but, has anyone ever tried SLC? (I've noticed the earlier versions, like RHEL and SuSE, came with the
"fglrx" driver.)

Whats sad is I had a IA64 self-compiled version of ioQuake3 up and running with 3d Acceleration on IA64 Ubuntu (when it was supported) nearly 2 years ago. Everything was working great but support/compatibility on IA64 has taken a nosedive since. :(

Sad to hear.  But, I'm willing to change that.  I hope others also.

 - MG

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