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Re: DRM/DRI accelerated (3D) graphics?


Just to add to the below, I have seen all the same symptoms. Im currently trying out Gentoo IA64 but it has its own quirks, so havent got to 3d acceleration yet.

Whats sad is I had a IA64 self-compiled version of ioQuake3 up and running with 3d Acceleration on IA64 Ubuntu (when it was supported) nearly 2 years ago. Everything was working great but support/compatibility on IA64 has taken a nosedive since. :(


On 17/08/2011 22:17, Émeric Maschino wrote:

I have a hp workstation zx6000 with ATI FireGL X1 (256MB) AGP running
daily-updated Debian "Wheezy" Testing.

I don't know for the r200 (for your Radeon 7500) or r600 drivers (for
your HD5450), but here's the situation for the r300 driver of my
FireGL X1. Please keep in mind that zx6000 sports an AGP slot, whereas
rx2600 only has PCI-X slots if I'm not mistaken.

With UMS (user-space mode setting), DRI cannot be enabled at all due
to a commit during the kernel
2.6.30 development cycle (see
http://marc.info/?l=linux-ia64&m=126382946814671&w=2 for details).
Reverting this commit brings DRI back, but GL rendering then instantly
eats CPU resources, thus leading to a completely unusable system

With the switch to KMS (kernel-based mode setting) in recent kernels,
things aren't that great: DRI seems to be initialized, but dmesg is
stating that AGP bind memory fails, GPU acceleration is disabled and
AGP mode is forced to PCI (see
http://marc.info/?l=linux-ia64&m=127713282815600&w=2 for details).
Good news is that GL rendering no more eats CPU resources, as
rendering is probably performed in software!

With Mesa switching from r300 classic (r300c) driver to new Gallium 3D
(r300g) one, DRI2/AIGLX is now successfully initialized and enabled.
But GL rendering is completely garbaged
(http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=622299). I didn't
try Mesa git for a while. Maybe everything is now working fine! I have
to check this.

In the meantime, hope this helps,


2011/8/16 MG<marcogb@xs4all.nl>:
Previously I used to post on the linux.debian.ports.ia64 usenet/
newsgroup.  As of late, it seems to have gone silent.

Is there a way to 'achieve' full DRM/DRI acceleration under Linux
IA-64, Debian in particular?  (Preferably with AMD/ATi graphics
adapters.)  The last time I tried Debian, which I believe was
version 5.03 (which I used because of CD/DVD detection issues,
which I read should be resolved now).

I have a Radeon 7500 (All-In-Wonder, 64 MB) AGP, 7500 (64 MB)
PCI,7500 (128 MB) ME AGP, FireGL X1 (256 MB) AGP and an HD5450
(512 MB)PCI.  So, I have a fairly wide range of choice.

The systems available for testing are the following HP Integrity
systems: rx2600/rx2600-2(*) with "Madison" processors and rx2620
with "Montecito" processors.

  - MG

(* Architecturally almost identical to the zx6000, the zx2000 to
a lesser degree as well.)

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