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DRM/DRI accelerated (3D) graphics?

Previously I used to post on the linux.debian.ports.ia64 usenet/
newsgroup.  As of late, it seems to have gone silent.

Is there a way to 'achieve' full DRM/DRI acceleration under Linux
IA-64, Debian in particular?  (Preferably with AMD/ATi graphics
adapters.)  The last time I tried Debian, which I believe was
version 5.03 (which I used because of CD/DVD detection issues,
which I read should be resolved now).

I have a Radeon 7500 (All-In-Wonder, 64 MB) AGP, 7500 (64 MB)
PCI,7500 (128 MB) ME AGP, FireGL X1 (256 MB) AGP and an HD5450
(512 MB)PCI.  So, I have a fairly wide range of choice.

The systems available for testing are the following HP Integrity
systems: rx2600/rx2600-2(*) with "Madison" processors and rx2620
with "Montecito" processors.

 - MG

(* Architecturally almost identical to the zx6000, the zx2000 to
a lesser degree as well.)

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