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RE: PMU-tools for Itanim in Debian Unstable

>From my understanding tracing for the kernel stack on linux is pretty limited, and on IA64 it is even more limited. Sorry to say, I know tools for sparc, power5/6 and pa-risc, but no good kernel time profilers for IA64. :(

http://lttng.org/content/download You might have some luck getting a hold of the maintains of LTTng, I heard rumors a few years ago of them having a IA64 tool that might help. I have no idea of its state.

Good luck!

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>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Dalziel <Dalziel> writes:

Josh> Peter, I guess it would help with what type of information you
Josh> are looking for. Are you looking for basic cpu/mem/disk
Josh> information?  Personally I have collection of sar scripts, and
Josh> take the output and make pretty rrdtool graphs with it.

I'm looking for cache miss profiles, pipeline stalls, etc., in a new
app I'm porting to Itanium.  I think I said, tools for the PMU ---
i.e., perfcounter/perfmon in the kernel, and
q-tools/pfmon/oprofile/papi/caliper in userspace.

Peter C

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