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Re: Tips on ZX6000 install

Hi Brian:

On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, Brian Szymanski wrote:

Sounds like at this point the kernel is switching output on you, from
VGA to serial or vice versa. Make sure you are watching both the serial
and VGA output. If that is the case, switching whether you are passing
the console=ttyS0 option to the kernel may help.

I have tried that with no luck. I always look at both the VGA and the serial port just to check. I presume that ttyS0 is the port labeled "Console".

On my RX2600 (a very similar box), I have to use a USB keyboard to
navigate the firmware prompts, it is only when linux is loaded that I
can switch to input over serial input. Could be unrelated, but it's
worth trying to input and output over both VGA and serial until you can
pin down exactly what's going on.

Yes, I have both a USB keyboard attached and the other computer looking at the serial port. I can use either keybord to control the boot options at the beginning.



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