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Re: Etch/i2000

We have Sarge (3.1) on an i2000 1x733 nvQuadro2. X has not worked.
We booted the i2000 1x733 on the etch netinstall  cd.
The install gui comes up but then after initrd.gz uncompresses, announces "done" & the system hangs. Tried it on another i2000 Windows system and that did the same thing.
Booted on the 3.1 netinst CD as a sanity check and that comes up.

Paul A. Anokhin wrote:
Hi people!

I'm using Sarge on an old HP workstation i2000 aka BigSur, Merced based.
Now, as Etch is released, I'm wondering if it will run ok on my machine.
Has anybody an experience with Sarge on Merced hardware?

As that computer is primarily used as a workstation I really need X11.
You know that NVidia's latest ia64-linux drivers are still 5336, so
I'm also very interested if it's possible to make them work with 2.6
kernel of Etch.


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