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Re: Etch/i2000

Hi Paul.

I've got Etch running on an HP/Compaq Proliant DL590 w/ 2 Merced processors.  I was able to use a netinstall cd from a while back (~6-7 months ago).  Everything worked out of the box, except for the detection of my raid card.  I was able to fix that with a modprobe.  I would try experimenting with the netinstall CDs.

I don't know much about the 3D acceleration.  If you would like some more info on the netinstall cd I used, let me know and I will dig it out of my junk heap of discs.

-- Ben Carpenter

On 4/16/07, Hurf Sheldon <hurf@graphics.cornell.edu> wrote:
We have Sarge (3.1) on an i2000 1x733 nvQuadro2. X has not worked.
We booted the i2000 1x733 on the etch netinstall  cd.
The install gui comes up but then after initrd.gz uncompresses,
announces "done"
& the system hangs.
Tried it on another i2000 Windows system and that did the same thing.
Booted on the 3.1 netinst CD as a sanity check and that comes up.

Paul A. Anokhin wrote:
> Hi people!
> I'm using Sarge on an old HP workstation i2000 aka BigSur, Merced based.
> Now, as Etch is released, I'm wondering if it will run ok on my machine.
> Has anybody an experience with Sarge on Merced hardware?
> As that computer is primarily used as a workstation I really need X11.
> You know that NVidia's latest ia64-linux drivers are still 5336, so
> I'm also very interested if it's possible to make them work with 2.6
> kernel of Etch.
> Thanks,

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