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Re: Etch/i2000

Hi Paul,
I don't know for sure, but IIRC the linux-image-itanium* were for the Merced generation and the linux-image-mckinley* for the McKinley processors. Since there are linux-image-mckinley* packages in Etch, I suppose that your i2000 will be supported.
Regarding 3D hardware acceleration, that's an other story. The most recent proprietary drivers I could find are nVIDIA 53.45 rev. 2 on the hp support website. ATI owners are stuck with XFree86 4.1.x, somewhere between Potato and Sarge...
You can try the X.org radeon driver for ATI graphics adapters up to Radeon 8500. For graphics adapter based on R300 chipset and above, our last chance is the X.org r300 open source driver. But there's currently something wrong preventing DRI from being enabled on IA-64. I've open bug report 7770 about this (http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7770 ).
Hope this helps,

2007/4/15, Paul A. Anokhin <paul.anokhin@gmail.com>:
Hi people!

I'm using Sarge on an old HP workstation i2000 aka BigSur, Merced based.
Now, as Etch is released, I'm wondering if it will run ok on my machine.
Has anybody an experience with Sarge on Merced hardware?

As that computer is primarily used as a workstation I really need X11.
You know that NVidia's latest ia64-linux drivers are still 5336, so
I'm also very interested if it's possible to make them work with 2.6
kernel of Etch.

  Paul A. Anokhin

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