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Re: Cannot switch my redhat to debian

dann frazier wrote:
> On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 02:26:21PM +0200, De Leeuw Guy wrote:
>>>> Yes of course it is.  I don't know what the default config files are
>>>> for these kernels (I'm almost always running custom kernels, not the
>>>> ones packaged by Debian), you can find out by looking in the
>>>> appropriate /boot/config* file.  
>>>> My best guess of what's going wrong for you is that /etc/elilo.conf is
>>>> incorrect... please check it.
>> No, the elilo is correct, just the kernel that not have, depending of
>> the version, the sum of all parameters needed for my hardware
>> configuration.I know, I can build my own kernel, but I prefer a kernel
>> incoming directly from debian
> Try running "modprobe qla2xxx" once you boot up onto the 2.6.15
> kernel.  Then run dmesg to see if has detected your hardware.  If not,
> you can try upgrading to the 2.6.16 kernel in sid and trying the same.
> I don't know the status of booting *from* fibre channel, as I'm aware of
> past problems with getting the driver loaded in time.  Specifically,
> the qla2xxx driver didn't discover devices until after its
> initialization routine had returned.
Hello Dan, happy to see you :-)
because I just try to solve this problem.
the 2.6.15 boot, see the qla disks but not the megaraid !
The 2.6.16 boot, see the megaraid but not the qla

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