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Cannot switch my redhat to debian

Hello all,

I try the entire day to install debian on my main server
I dowload the etch daily build (20060516) for ia64
I can boot but the system does not have the driver for the megaraid (see
my previous post for a detailled hardware configuration) and the
partition for installing debian is on a disk under this controller, but
the all disks under the qlogic work fine.
Finally I boot to a sarge, perfect, I see my 2 systems partitions
(redhat and debian), I Install these system and change my source.list
replacing all stable by etch, and finally launch apt-get dist-upgrade.
After these step, I have normally a new kernel (2.6.15) but the next
reboot continue to start on the sarge kernel (2.6.8)
on the efi partition, I upgrade manually the vmlinuz and the initrd,
reboot and no system disk because missing the driver megaraid :-(

I known that I can build my own kernel, but for # reasons I prefer a
kernel available direcly from yours site

Could you help me ?

(sorry for my bad english, I'm french speaker)


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