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Re: Cannot switch my redhat to debian

>>>>> "De" == De Leeuw Guy <G.De_Leeuw@eurofer.be> writes:

De> Hello Peter, thanks for your respons.
>> You asked your question on a Sunday ... we were all doing other
>> things...
>> Please check the contents of /etc/elilo.conf ... sounds like the
>> partition it's pointing to isn't right (so the initrd and kernel
>> aren't the one that are supposed to be being picked up)
De> The system boot perfectly, but : sarge kernel 2.6.8 driver
De> megaraid ok, driver qla2300 not availaible (I cannot see the fiber
De> channel disks) etch daily build on 20060516 kernel 2.6.15 qla2300
De> available megaraid not I download the kernel 2.6.16 from unstable
De> megaraid ok, qla2300 not available.

De> It is possible to have a kernel with theses two options activated
De> ?

Yes of course it is.  I don't know what the default config files are
for these kernels (I'm almost always running custom kernels, not the
ones packaged by Debian), you can find out by looking in the
appropriate /boot/config* file.  

My best guess of what's going wrong for you is that /etc/elilo.conf is
incorrect... please check it.

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